Mary Lynn Van Gelderen

A graduate of Bob Jones University, Mary Lynn is a gifted soloist, accomplished pianist, and published arranger. Her vocal and piano recordings represent her unique interpretive style and technical ability, and have been used of God to warm and bless the hearts of many. Her works have been published by several notable publishers, and her music recorded and performed by orchestras and choirs across the nation.

John Van Gelderen

John uses his mastery of language to craft compelling lyrics that capture the heart of revival. He is president of Revival Focus Ministries, an organization for the cause of revival and evangelism; John holds B.A. (‘84) and M.A. (’87) degrees in Bible and a D.Pas.Th. (’08) from Bob Jones University. He travels with his wife, Mary Lynn, and their son, John, Jr., in revival  ministry, and is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.